April 26, 2021

ENHYPEN (엔하이픈) – Intro : The Invitation Lyrics 가사

Yeah, feel like I’m in paradise

Purchasing pleasures
in selling hours of dross, here
in the land of rebel pow’rs
gloriously decorated.
An invitation calls to us
from the carnival of the dazzling night,
so we beat on the door
of this flipped world
brought here by fate.

Whether the harvest feast of light
or a festival of blood
time harmonizes laughs and screams.
Death once dead, there’s no dying then,
so we gladly swallow time
like it’s our last breath.

Yeah, feel like I’m in paradise

A dizzying flicker,
a light that blinds and deceives,
and from the great beyond
that voice rings out again.

Here, come inside the castle.
Take everything.

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