Ashmute – I See Lyrics 가사

I see why my life
is stained with sheer absurdity,
so sick of deep sighs
without a single break
heading to the top

You see how my night
traps the light in eternity.
No reason to be fine.
Collision is ahead of us.

A thousand rocks started rolling down.
A lonely fight just started over.
You must be fed up with damn things,
But keep your head up.
Move your feet.

I see why I might
endure life without certainty.
No reason to be sad.
Collision is ahead of us.

Let me tell you about him,
who dumped us into this treadmill life.
The only way to jerk him off
is to laugh at the sky.

No one knows how much you’ve tried
hard to get on your feet.
Come and look up the trail
where you will lose by yourself.

It’s worse to stop or step back.
Now here we are, stepping the clouds.
It’s time to tie up
my shoelaces and yours too.

I see shining light
over the darkest dawn.
Let’s whistle cheerfully.