April 3, 2019

나윤선 (Youn Sun Nah) – Here Today Lyrics 가사

Song: Here Today
Artist: 나윤선(Youn Sun Nah)
Album: Immersion
Lyrics 가사: Korean & Romanization

나윤선 (Youn Sun Nah) – Here Today Lyrics 가사 Hangul & Romanized

Let the love we have
Let it guide my way
I am not alone
Here today

I will walk ‘cross the sky
Push into the sun
If it will bring you here today

I will lift up my voice
Send my song to time
Stay and sing through illusion now

Age old cowards know only
conquer and divide
They will never know love like yours
and they will never,
never know a love like mine

Only we
Can live to be
The truth wont fade away
We sing to free
the love that’s here today

We can open up the way
We are not alone
We are here today

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